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Total War Pharaoh Technical Dialog, Cover image, Sound Design, Audio Design




About the game

Total War: Pharaoh is a turn-based strategy real-time tactics AAA game created by Creative Assembly and published by Sega.

It was released in October 2023 with a DLC update that added a new faction to the game.

Part of the Total War series, Pharaoh is set in the New Kingdom of Egypt and its surrounding areas before the Late Bronze Age collapse.

Group Recordings

Recording and completing editorial for the group vocalizations of Pharaoh's Hittite faction.

Dialogue Edit Review & Mix

Reviewing dialogue edits to correct for any clicks and pops and final level checks.

Audio Implementation

Implementing all the variations and localized VO for all the game's factions, units and epic heroes alike.

My Role

Dialog & Combat Shouts


As a Technical Dialogue Designer, my role was a collaboration directly between the Dialogue Designers, Audio Programmers & QA to implement the recorded actors and groups across the game.

Over the period of one year, up until the game launch, I worked with the large team at Creative Assembly to implement a wide range of Character dialogues that required me to mix it for implementation, for a total of around 48 thousand dialog lines!

This was both across instructional menus and combat shouts for the huge number of battles across factions encountered in the game story.


Combat Shouts

There was a focus on integrating a large number of vocalizations for war and battle cries across many of the game's different units and factions, and testing this content in our animation editor tool.

Pharaoh Hittite Campaign Screen_edited.p

Campaign Dialogue

There were a number of areas  across the game's campaign that needed dialogue implemented in particular fashion, these included the Campaign Map, Frontend, Court, Diplomacy and Local Deities Panels.


Audio Mixing & Implementation

There was a good amount of time spent ensuring all VO was balanced and optimized across the game, for example ensuring the group vocalizations are sat nicely in the game mix amongst combat SFX and the music score.


Work Process

I was tasked with implementing the lion’s share of English and localized VO files once they were returned from dialogue editors, ensuring that files were mastered to professional standards and matching the returned file against the English script to flag any anomalies before implementing them in Wwise.


I was also tasked creatively with defining the implementation for them that matched Pharaoh’s predecessor Troy and developing new pipelines for VO in the case of new features, such as the court system where different faction leaders conspire plots against each other and vye for the throne of the supreme court.


At the last phase of the process, I worked with the Audio QA team to address bugs in the game related to the VO to make sure they were passable for launch.

High Tide DLC

With the 'Sea Peoples Peleset' faction for the High Tide DLC expansion I assisted the team with the implementation of the English VO. With additional voice lines and audio mixing  required.


Dialogue Engineer Liaison & Edit Review Process 

In the planning and coordination phases of the project, it was helpful to work directly alongside the dialogue engineer team on Pharaoh who were proofing the game scripts to get a sense of how the script and nature of the dialogue cues would work in-game, as well as an indication of what were the pressing things to work on.

After the balanced and edited VO files were returned to us from our external editors, a process of matching the delivered VO against the relevant character script in Excel and observing files for any clicks or pops is undertaken before the next phase of implementation. This process included the localization for German and Mandarin content respectively as well.


Wwise Structure & Implementation 

In the earlier phases of the project, something we had to pay close attention to was how Pharaoh was going to match what was previously done in Troy as far as how systems and diplomacy were conducted for example, and the Wwise structure was supposed to mirror, and in the case of game design, sometimes evolve and sometimes retire certain features.

Dynamic dialogue trees were built and in a lot of cases maintained for use of these systems, including the court which was a feature unique to Pharaoh.
After completion of the structure, the next phase was to implement all final VO, build the sound banks, and playtest that content in the game. 


Bug Fixing 

The final phase after the VO was added to the game was to address bugs with incorrect VOs triggered in the game, identified by our Audio QA team, and iron out problems with Wwise's dynamic mixing of the VO in some instances, VO triggering in menus, etc.
It was a much needed second pass over our work to ensure the quality bar was high and until all departments were satisfied that the quality was deemed 'shippable'.

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