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Sound Designer / Field Recordist / Audio Implementer / Dialogue Editor / Orchestrator /
Recording & Mix Engineer

Anthem Sound Redesign Video

Sound Design 2022 Demoreel Video

JWE: Allosaurus Sound Redesign Video

Samurai Zero Unreal Engine 4 / Wwise Gameplay Capture Video

Game Audio 2020 Demoreel Video

My name is Jesse Jones, and I am first and foremost, a creative sound designer.

I am also a bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer.

Based out of the UK, originally from Ontario, Canada, I got my start in audio production by attending Recording Arts Canada Digital Arts College and Berklee College of Music, respectively.


What I find most interesting and exciting to create,  is thought-provoking sound designs, beds of ambiance, and accents to the game world(s)

and environments. Games I have played within my time that have fundamentally challenged my opinion and perspective on game audio as a whole include the following: the Mass Effect franchise, Metroid series, and Silent Hill series.

These exemplaries, among others, have proven how integral and synonymous sound/music can be to the identity of the game,

as well as, to the overall experience enjoyed by the player.

I eagerly look forward to working with my prospective clients to realize their vision on the highest plane.

Let's enrich our games with powerful, evocative, and innovative sound!


Coming Soon!


Generally speaking, quotes will depend on the scope of the project, the desired sound service(s), and the work involved. I am happy to work with indie game devs with awesome design ideas, as well as more ambitious developers with larger projects in terms of scale or scope.

What's more imporant to me is that we are the right fit for each other in our collaboration. For this reason I like to first conduct a discovery meeting where we can learn more about each other and so that I can diagnose your product and identify some of the unique challenges we will encounter. This costs you nothing.

It is also worth mentioning that I am happy to develop for any platform, be it PC, console, mobile or otherwise.

I am also willing to work on passion projects, given the right context (serious enquires only) - multiple licensing options are available, please contact me for further details. 

  • Sound Effects

  • Foley

  • Level Ambience 

  • Music Composition (see enclosed composition styles)

  • Musical Cues & Stingers

  • Orchestration (This would be transcribing a simple composition to a score piece for a chamber or symphonic orchestra with notation software, contact for discussion)

  • Dialogue Editing

  • Field Recording

  • Unity & Unreal Engine 4 Implementation (not code-specific implementation)

  • FMOD/Wwise Implementation (i.e., loopable music, sfx, and voiceover)

  • Interactive Mixing

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"Jesse is an exceptional sound designer who proved to be an invaluable member of the Cyberpulse team. Jesse handled all of the game’s demands with ease and brought an enthusiasm for learning and improvement to every challenge we faced. Along with being a distinguished sound designer, Jesse is an engaging, hardworking, and good-natured guy whose charisma and humor frequently raised team morale. Jesse would be a powerful asset to any team he is on and, through his phenomenal ear, would consistently provide superb sounds."

                    - Gabriel Gardner, Scherzo Games

"Jesse Jones came to our attention and really impressed us with his attention to detail and both his artistic and technical knowledge.

He worked through FMOD and proved to be very capable of picking up on new challenges quickly. He is an asset to any team and I would recommend him for any other team that would consider bringing him on board for their project."


- Alexander Melchiorre, Pandemonium Interactive

"Jesse is a skilled individual that delivers high quality music and sound effects in a timely manner. With a few sources of inspiration, Jesse was able to create a fantastic piece of music that fit the game's theme perfectly. Additionally, Jesse was able to provide guidance on how best to implement sound effects and music. He even offered to help out by jumping into the more technical aspects of sound design and implementation in the game itself. Jesse is a great addition to any team and I would not hesitate to recommend his work to anyone."

- Firebelley on 'Tenacious' Project


Contact me for more information. 

I will respond at the earliest convenience.

Message sent.

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